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Marc Miller
Big Ocean Studios is a web design and web development company that works with individuals and small business owners crafting websites that fit their needs and budgets.

About me

Marc Miller

My dream is to have an office with an ocean view. As a kid from Long Island now land-locked in the suburbs of Chicago, I pine for salt water. I had a fish tank once, but it wasn't exactly the same.

My name is Marc Miller. I create websites. By day, I work for ReFrame Media, developing cool ministry websites. At night, I help individuals and small businesses create and then run successful sites. And I've been doing it for over 10 years.

I do my best work using the ExpressionEngine Content Management System (CMS), although I also do some pretty cool stuff with Craft and WordPress, too. I strive to make beautiful websites that are standards compliant, mobile friendly and optimized for search engines.


Making you happy and helping you succeed are my number one goals. Here are some of the ways I make that happen for you:


In the interest of full disclosure, I'll be upfront with you: I can't turn around web projects as fast as if you hire a full time agency because I have a 40 hour a week job as the web producer for ReFrame Media and do my Big Ocean Studios work on nights and weekends (and lunch breaks and occasional coffee break).

However, I'm also more affordable than bigger companies. Additionally, I don't take on too many clients at one time so that I can give each project the necessary attention it deserves.

I bill hourly at a reasonable rate, use Trello for consolidated client communications, and use Pancake for billing so that invoices can be paid with check or credit card.

This all culminates in a very efficient process that delivers outstanding results. Read some of my client's testimonials below for further proof.


Here is a sample of some of the great projects I've had the privilege of working on. These sites have been made with a variety of content management systems and hosting platforms. Click an image to learn more about them.


Over the years, I've been able to work with some great clients like these. Authors, politicians, actors, small business owners, bookstores, non-profits organizations, churches and Christian schools. I've had wonderful experiences with all my clients. I'd love to meet you and see if I can help you, too!



Whether you're unsure of how to get started or ready to get to work, send me an email and let's chat! I'll help you figure out the next steps.

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